Something we often notice with clients is that whilst they’re very clued up on the various social media platforms and strategies out there, they sometimes don’t get the nuances between social media marketing for B2B and B2C firms. Understanding which aspects work best for different business models is something we’ll
Social media… I’ll spare you the platitudes about its modern-day-life-ubiquity and get straight into it. When we speak to clients, we notice that those selling to customers ‘get’ social media – the benefits are obvious. Less so with B2B firms – they wonder if the benefits are really worth the
What do you think of LinkedIn? Waste of time, full of Apple worship and ‘strategic alchemists’, or something you can’t work without? Whatever our opinion, it now seems like having a personal profile is now the norm. And despite the sometimes trite chatter, it is a powerful tool, especially for
Running a small business isn’t easy, especially when operating in the space of much bigger competition. A glance at the big fish’s social media presence can crystalize the challenge and prove daunting for those running SMEs. Tens of 1000s of followers, loads of beautiful original content and activity across multiple
A day in social media marketing world
In one of our previous blogs, we looked at some of the trends that’ll stand out in social media marketing in 2018. Amongst these were the futuristic; VR and augmented reality, but also the more every day and, well, mundane. As much as it’s exciting dreaming up our potential approaches
landing page optimisation for new website
Generating leads and building a landing page is often the primary goal of many B2B marketing strategies – and almost always a by-product. Even if you are starting small, with short-term goals like social media presence, social growth, and branding, achieving results won’t mean anything if ultimately, in the end,